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La Mère’s toddler program is second to none. We keep toddlers busy exploring all day both indoors and out, letting their curiosity bloom. Children use sensory exploration, art, and music to learn about the world around them. 

Our curriculum stimulates the toddler mind. We use interactive, hands-on projects within a structured learning plan. Every child develops at a different rate, and we ensure plenty of personalized attention, to maximize their personal growth. We use puzzles and challenges to encourage problem solving, and have a dynamic discovery approach for science, math, language, drama, music, art and more! Oh, and they sure do get an abundance of hugs and we get into a whole lot of giggling too.

Our programs emphasize the development of every aspect of busy toddlers through our whole-child approach. We facilitate Brain/Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical and Behavioral Development, while aiding in the enhancement of communication, language and literacy skills.

  • Building Language — We provide our toddlers an American Sign Language program, which has been shown to help with nonverbal and eventual verbal communication. Your child will be able to effectively communicate their needs with caregivers and peers, leading to more met needs and a more nurturing environment
  • Stories and Songs — Entertaining stories coupled with a variety of silly, fun songs help your toddler’s imagination continue to grow while they learn those important skills needed for the next developmental level
  • Creativity — Our classrooms are designed with imagination in mind. We offer age-appropriate learning centers for your toddler as they explore their abilities in music, art, early literacy, pretend play and more
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills — We know that an active body is a healthy body while playing indoors or outdoors on our large, age-separated play spaces. Whether a child is learning to walk, running at full speed, reaching for the monkey bars or simply tossing a ball to a friend, they will learn all about their body and celebrate accomplishments both great and small
  • Social Interaction — When children enter the world of toddlerhood, they become more aware of the world around them. We understand the importance of friendship and cultivating harmonious relationships with teachers and peers. At La Mère Academy, your toddler will learn how to have positive interactions, regardless of differences in nationality, religious belief, or cultural norms

Our teachers make mealtime fun as well as a learning experience!


  • Children eat all meals together using family-style seating in our kid-friendly café
  • Teachers monitor all eating times
  • Meals are prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen, which is kept separated from the classrooms
  • Each day, our in-house chef prepares nutritious meals that exceed USDA guidelines
  • All allergies are documented and kept in the front office with administrators
  • Our school is a nut-free zone

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